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  • Feature Request: folder tracks or something similar


    A large VE Pro slave project can very quickly become rather unweildy to manage. One ends up with basically a long list of very similarly coloured tracks down the left hand side. It would be great if we could have a way to organise all these tracks into folders perhaps.


  • Yes. I really couldn't be too much happier as it is, but My top three wishes:

    1.folders/track hiding/grouping features for organizing.

    2.sidechaining support.

    3.reliable external midi in even in a server instance..(although I admit I haven't tried it yet the word experimental sort of makes me nervous and I hope this is planned to be implemented) would be nice to have another way to get around AU 16 channel limit and integrate with external midi gear directly.

  • YES YES YES!!! Folders!!!

    I've thought this many times, and for some reason I haven't mentioned it. Thanks!