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  • VEP 5 doesn't open viframe by doubleclick // save inexistent changes?


    Windows 7 64 bit, VEPro 5.0.9753

    1. I just upgraded to 5, and now a doubleclick on a viframe file no longer opens the file. The viframe was constructed in VEP 5 standalone and saved from there.
    In fact VEP standalone opens, but it doesn't load the project. I have to do this manually. What is going on here?

    2. Now after the empty VEP has opened, I'm going to load the viframe by the File/Open Project dialog. Why VEP now asks me always if I want to save the changed project? Nothing has been changed! VEP opened an empty project and I did not change or touch ANYTHING.
    This behaviour has already annoyed me for months with VEP 4. I hoped, it would be different in 5.
    Or is VEP unable to know whether has been changed in the plugins?


  • 1. This is a bug and is already fixed for the next update, which is currently being tested.

    2. It is not possible to reliably detect changes without performing a potentially time consuming operation. That's why we opted for just asking always. Perhaps we'll provide an option for it in the future.

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    Hi Karel,

    thanks for your response!

    I'm glad that the first point has a quick solution.

    Regarding the second one, for my better understanding:
    So I am sitting in front of a computer and in the end it is up to ME to remember if I changed something or not? Hm... great 😉
    Do the plugins not report to the host, when a parameter has been changed?

    And what means "timeconsuming"? Many of the programs I am working with obviously do not look for changes the moment I want to close them, but always during the session. Some of them even mark the state "Changed" by an asterisk somewhere, so that I always can know. Wouldn't that be possible with VEP?

    @Karel said:

    Perhaps we'll provide an option for it in the future.

    If there isn't a more convenient solution, I would prefer this.

    I do not want to overexaggerate this point, but when I have just loaded a project and want to close it immediately without having done
    anything, or when I have just saved the project and immediately after want to close it... the question "Do you want to save the changes?" makes me feel.. ehem.. angry (in german I'd rather say: "verladen" 😉. It's just non standard behaviour.

    But please... of course it's not a major point. All in all I am very happy with this program and especially with version 5.
    It's such a big help.