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  • Can I run MIR with my system?

    Hi Friends,

    am currently updating my computer system  with windows 7 64 bit from Vista 32.    My VEPro 5 needs some breathing room so i am bumping up the RAM to 16 gigs. That's the MAX for my motherboard.  I would love to try MIR out ,but I'm not sure if my system can handle this product properly .  I have a Intel core (TM) 2 Quad cpu 2.66 Ghz /2.67 Ghz. with 16 gigs RAM (hopefully after update)  I'm not sure if this configuration will work well.  Can I take a test drive with MIR or do I need more horse power under the hood.   If I can... .. what are the drawbacks of using this configuration.. too little RAM? more power? 

     Many thanks

  • Hi Mike,

    I'm sure you will be able to run at least small(ish) projects with your system. Without knowing the detailed specs I would say that you will run into performance limits before you will be able to max out the 16 GB RAM. This will also be influenced by the audio system and its drivers, BTW.

    The best way to check is to download the trial version and to give it a shot! :-) You will get 30 days of full featured testing, with an unlimited amount of starts (... you can "re-fill" them).

    Kind regards,

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Thanks Dietz,

      Currently  I'm running a MAC pro Dual Core Xeon 3 Ghz as my Master Pro Tools System. It's getting a bit old, but I'm waiting for the refresh from Apple.  The PC has all my Vienna instruments and I use the VEP-5 by connecting it via the server to the MAC. It works great but I'm starting to hear pops and crackles when I add 6 or more channels (instruments) I have posted this problem on the VEP form and they suggested I first increase my RAM.  The PC is also showing it's age. I realize I could Let a new MAC pro do all the work but I like the separate idea.   I'll try MIR once I get my PC to Win7.  
    If I may ask one follow up question....  I need to perform a custom (clean) install to get my PC into 64 bit mode... Windows 7...  Is it really necessary  to uninstall VEP -5 and VI 2?  I am going to back up my VEP sessions, but once I install Windows ,7 I'll just download the applications again from the Vienna site since I have the licenses. CORRECT??? All my Vienna instruments are residing on others drives inside the PC.   OR  Could you recommend a good back up software for the PC. One that I could just bring back my settings and applications once Windows 7 is installed....    Window 7 upgrade has an application but it just backups your documents.   Sorry if this is a bit off topic.. but I could use some help from any PC guys out there that have updated their systems.
    Thanks again for the time..