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  • to save Matrix CC

    Hello Vienna, and happy new year!

    I would like to save a kind of template of an empty matrix with this Controlers:

    X = CC1

    Y = CC15

    AB = CC16

    So that when I create a new empty matrix it comes out already  with this setting. Now it comes with X=none; Y=none; AB=Keyswitch.

    I've already created a startup preset with this setting but this doesn't help.

    Thank you


  •  Hi Roberto,

    each Matrix within a VI Preset can be setup with different controllers. Therefor Matrix controller settings are not saved with Preset datas, they are saved with each Matrix independently.

    If you want to have controller template for Matrixfiles you have to load empty default Matrix files into your new generated presets, or you save a default presets with multiple empty Matrix files, which you can load when building a new template.



  • Thanks a lot Herb,

    very clear