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  • Ever had a broken dongle?

    Anyone had a broken dongle? This is looking like a nightmare here right now. My main eLicenser has completely died and I have a high pressure deadline. Meanwhile VSL are saying I need to 'send the broken dongle to Vienna so they can look at it'!

    I've never heard anything like this!  I had no idea there was such an alarming flaw in this whole anti-piracy thing and it's deeply worrying.

    Well I just hope there's a way round this or they can send me a demo license or something or I'm stuffed.



  • Yes I blew up a dongle and had the same thing although not over New Year. A demo licence would be a good solution. They were very nice to me when it happened but I can't remember how it was resolved.  It is a nightmare and it took a week to get bacl to normal.

    Where are you in the world and what licences do you need?!

  • I have. I sent it to the VSL distributor in Southern Califormia, was provided demo license of 180 starts and once the dongle was scrutinized I was provided replacement licenses.

    I lost maybe a day, if that. But I was very pro-active.

  • Hi dagmarpiano, 

    I just sent you a 180 hours demo license to bridge the time until the usual routine has passed (sending in the key, organizing a replacement licenses). 



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • haha they want to charge me €70 to send out the new activation codes. What a joke.

    If ever I needed a cue to look elsewhere this was it!