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  • Advice wanted on MIR Pro, RoomPacks and FORTI/SERTI/INSP:IR

    I am planning on buying MIR Pro and RoomPack 2, to get the Teldex and the smaller spaces. I've searched the forums for info and opinions on FORTI and the other IR libs for the Vienna Suite Convo Rev. Not much to be found. Would the filters and soundshaping IRs in FORTI/SERTI be redundant, with the tools in the Vienna Suite and the "coloring" in MIR? Anybody compared the reverbs in INSP:IR and FORTI to the Vienna Suite Reverbs?

    Thanks, Hakan

  • Hi Hakan,

    the so-called Timbral Impulse Responses (SERTI/FORTI) are very special achievements by Ernest Cholakis / Numerical Sound. I think it is safe to say that there are no easy ways to achieve the same kind of processing by other means.

    While INSP:IR is more a "classical" collection of first-class, natural impulse resonses, FORTI/SERTI are "designed" products with different goals.

    The Timbral Impulse Responses make a lot of sense within MIR Pro too (... just use Vienna Suite's Convolutione Reverb in a track's insert). That said, most MIR users will affirm that in general much less processing is needed compared to mixes without MIR ;-).


    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • So, what would you buy first to complement MIR Pro? I lean towards the RoomPack2 to get some smaller spaces, and then maybe later the others (Forti/Serti/Insp:IR). Thoughts?

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    Oh, big misunderstanding!

    FORTI, SERTI and INSP:IR are 3rd-party products especially created for the use with Vienna Suite's Convolution Reverb and/or Hybrid Reverb:


    ... they can be considered to be high-quality collections of more or less "conventional" two- or four-channel IRs.

    MIR Pro, on the other hand, relies on massive sets of multi impulse responses. All the positioning- and rotation-vodoo as well as the free selection of output formats and main microphone modelling wouldn't work with "ordinary" impulse responses. (... feel invited to read the little primer "Think MIR!" if you're interested in some background information). These sets are organized in so-called "RoomPacks".

    Vienna Suite will complement MIR Pro nicely, but the IR-collections for these products aren't interchangeable. To use a slightly silly comparison: It's like the data for simple picture-editing opposed to all the information needed for 3D-animation work.


    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Thanks, Dietz!

    I know FORTI etc are conventional IRs for the Vienna Convolution Reverb, but they still can be a complement to MIR. :-)

    I wasn't articulate enough in my previous post, but thanks anyway for explaining!

    Ordering MIR Pro with RoomPack2...