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  • VE pro on G5

    I hav einstalled VE pro4 on my G5.

    It does not seem to work well though.

    It workswhen using a macbook pro as slave but it does not work well when using it ion the same machine

    Wich version should I use?

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    Hello johram,

    G5 is of course not the newest machine, no matter which version. Don´t expect too much performance there.

    You should always use the latest available version.



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Yes I know G5 is old, but I intend to use it as DAW only and have VSL on my new Powerbook, alternatively the other way around.

    I installed the latest VE pro4 and it works fine know.

    The problem was that VE could not find all of the installed samples.

    But know it works again : -D, happy new year!!

    Johan R