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  • Feature request in VI Pro - Enable matrix cell rows/columns

     Now that VI Pro allows matrix cells to be enabled/disabled, it would now be useful to be able to right click the matrix and be able to enable a complete row or column, at present we can enable/disable ALL or Single.  I often wish I could enable the whole row with one command, as at present many mouse clicks are needed.

  • Not a bad idea. Should I do it with a menu item, or a mouseclick key modifier?

  • I've personally looked for it in the context menu, so that would be my preference, for what it's worth. -M

  •  Yes, I would say a context menu, as it would be an extension of the existing Enable/Disable cell context menu entry

  • +1   Could we also get a 'copy row' and 'copy column' as well?   That would also be helpful.

    - Greg

  • Just added enable/disable row/column. Coming in next update.