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  • [SOLVED] Viola missing a string?

    Using sa strings, the VA-10 legato patch only goes down to G2. Did Vienna use 3 string violas? VA-10 pref-rep legato down go down to C2 but it is too different of a sound to use in a fast run.

  •  I was going to give it a test, but I can't work out which patch you mean. Being VA-10 it has to be Violas Orchestra, but I cannot find a patch called VA-10 legato. Unless this is in Special Edition, as that is the only one I don't have.

  • I meant to put down se for special edition. I can't even spell se correctly.

  • Are you sure you didn't load a Violin patch? :-) That would have g2 as lowest note ...

    I ave the full vsl collections, but I am sure the SE patches are not limited in range, at least not in the lower register. They are sampled in whole-tone steps though, as far as i know.

    If you have loaded the the Viola patch indeed, you should check, if midi is going there correctly or maybe some setting in VI pro is blocking it. The missing samples are rather unlikely.

  • I graciously accept the award for dummy of the day. I did have the violin patch loaded.

  • Don't worry. Similar slips happend to all of us at least once. [<:o)]

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library