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  • Solo Strings-too many choices help!

    I run a studio and we've got many libraries from various companies. A few of the bigger projects we're doing call for solo strings (like a solitary violin playing on board the ship's deck, or a solo cello wailing in the background, or a country fiddle playing along with a mandolin. None of what we own is satisfactory. For single note stuff, none of it comes close or has the programability that I'd like. I need long notes without constant vibrato or the ability to control when it starts/stops. Things are pretty busy so I don't have endless hours to tweak things forever (at least not now). Someone recommended the EatWest Platinum (or whatever their top of the line is), but I thought the sound samples from Vienna sounded better.I do mostly pop, rock and country. I don't do many movie or orchestral bits. And since I use VEPro every day and love it, I'd like to stay in the Vienna realm. I planned on going for Solo Strings 1 + extended. But there are SOOO many solo strings in various Vienna packages, I want to make sure I am getting the right thing. For instance, if there's solo strings in Package X that does what I want, PLUS I might get some other sounds with it, I'd go that direction instead. I hope I'm clear enough with the question? Basically I need solo strings with plenty of options. And want to know the best route in Vienna land to go...

  • In Vienna, there are three libraries that are either dedicated to or include solo strings (excluding bundles).  The SE libraries include solo strings, but based on your description, that is not the way you would want to go.  SE gives a wide variety of instruments, but has limited articulations, fewer velocity layers, and the samples are every whole step.  If you were starting to explore the orchestral end of things (as in whole orchestra) then it could be a good choice.

    There are two solo string libraries: solo strings 1 which includes all the regular articulations, and solo strings II which is dedicatged strictly to muted solo strings.  I would suggest starting with solo strings I, plus solo strings I extended.  For realism, the extended library samples will prove to be very helpful.  You will need to work with the samples.  For realism, you will need to change articulations very frequently, and using correct articulations for any particular passage is crucial.  IMO, the cello is not quite the equal of the other three solo strings (though it is by no means bad).  As for the solo strings in EWQLSO Platinum... I do have them, and honestly, they are not at all in the same league as VSL's solo strings.  There is no real comparison between the two.  Between the two, VSL would be the far better choice.

    If you did end up wanting both regular and muted articulations, then the solo strings bundle would be a good choice.  Within the VSL world bundle pricing is always better than the corresponding prices for individual collections.