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  • Do the toms have the wrong release notes on lowest 3 notes?

    Perhaps someone can verify this, but on "Concert Toms 01-Co-Toms_Low" and "03-Co-Toms_high", the lowest 3 notes seem to have the wrong release sample associated to them.  

  • that looks familiar. there was a patch I believe. check your user area.

  •  I don't see any percussion library updates in my user area, am I missing an update here?

  • it would be in 'personal files' if it's the same one I saw.

  •  No, I don't have it in the personal files either, but I guess these are sent on an individual basis (as I do have a Dimension Brass one there), so hopefully someone at VSL will see this, and hopefully send me the percussion update,  if someone could do that, that would be much appreciated.

  •  I can confirm a release sample bug with VI PRO 2 which occurs at the lowest notes for some percussion patches. Concert Toms, Roto-Toms are affected. This bug is already fixed and the fix will be part of the next software update.

    A workaround to avoid wong relase samples with the current version, is to switch OFF release samples for these instrument patches. Just for clarification, what you hear are the relase sample of the rolls which are mapped a whole tone higher than the lowest note of these patches. The release samples are erroneously stretched down and are also now triggered by the single note hits (which initially do not have any mapped release samples)



  • AS the last response indicates it is the release programming-on Toms and Taiko- that is messing up the response here, turn it off for now, just remember to turn it back on later. In Vienna Instruments Pro the radio button is found in the advanced view on the perform tab  clear over to the right.