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  • Geist issue in VEP

    Just noticed that if I try to load a kit / preset / pattern in FXpansion's Geist that is hosted in VEP, it doesn't work. In Geist, I can click Load - > Load Kit for example and it should pop up an open file dialog (it does this fine in PT 10). In VEP, I never get that file dialog - is VEP blocking that for some reason? Dragging and dropping the kit / pattern doesn't work in VEP either, but it works fine in PT.

  • As an update to this, turns out it doesn't work in VEP 64-bit server, but in the VEP 32-bit server, the open dialog appears correctly. Not sure who's bug this is or where I can formally submit it, but wanted to raise this issue. I think multiple people are having some trouble with Geist and VEP.