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  • What Library Should I Get?

    Hi guys! I'm a student composer looking to build my instruments library and just recently discovered VSL's cheaper options. I came across their Standard Library, Extended Version, and Extended Plus but was unsure which one i should get and how much it would cost. I have a budget of around 500$(US) and basically want a full orchestra. I am interested in the Extended Version Plus Standard but i not tottally sure what it comes with. Does the Extended Version for 475$ include everything in Standard plus the extras?(Extra woodwinds, Epic Horns, Appasionata Strings, Guitars, etc.) Or do i have to buy both standard then the Exteneded for 865$? Please help! I'm a little confused. Thanks in advance, Ben

  • Welcome Ben, 

    I have just answered to your mail that you wrote to our support team. Hope that clears up a few things (our product names can be a bit confusing).



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Ben. If you send your email address to I can try to help you out