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  • How do I add insert effects PER TRACK on Macbook with Logic Pro while using PC as slave?

    Hi everyone, sorry if this has been addressed, but I cannot find an answer. I have everything set up and it is working beautifully. But, I have 1 problem. I'll describe it here: Setup: Logic Pro Studio running on Mac PC running as slave through ethernet Latest versions of Vienna Ensemble Pro and Logic Problem: I want to take single tracks that are playing instruments on the Mac but through Vienna on the PC slave and add effects to each of the tracks IN LOGIC. I know that I can add busses and insert effects on the slave computer. I also know that I can take the main instance of Vienna Pro that I load as a plug-in (the one with the "preserve instance" option) and I can add effects to that. But, the problem is that I don't want effects added to every track of that instance. I want different effects on different tracks but within Logic. Hopefully this makes sense to everyone. Any suggestions? And, please be very specific on how to do this as I'm fairly new to Vienna. Also, please note that I'm using Vienna Ensemble Pro 5, so please give me the best method for v5, not v4. Thanks!

  • See pp 47-49 of the VEP 5 manual here: Personally, I am a Cubase user, but the manual breaks it down for Logic as well. Unless I misunderstand, what you're trying to do is route your Logic tracks from your master (Mac) to your VEP slave (PC) and then break them out back into Logic , so you can process the tracks individually within Logic? So, you need to setup VEP for as many outputs as tracks as you want to mix discreetly within Logic, and setup discreet tracks in Logic assigned to each of the VEP outputs. For example, assign violins to output 1/2 in VEP, Horns to outputs 3/4, Bass to 5/6 etc, and then add effects to their respective Logic tracks (assigned VEP 1/2, 3/4, 5/6 etc.) The manual makes it pretty clear, but like I said I'm a Cubase user. The concept is the same though. Hope this helps. -M

  • Thanks. I checked out the manual. I'm not sure that solves it. I tried to add effects to one of the Logic tracks individually and nothing happens. The effect is not applied. Any other suggestions?

  • If you're getting audio return from VEP to your Logic audio instrument channel(s), then you should be able to insert effects, or setup effects sends etc. It's an audio channel at that point with VEP as the input, and output should be assigned to your main outs. If you are getting audio return and signal drops once you insert an effect, then there might be a bug. I know logic users are having some problems with VEP 5, though I haven't heard of this one. If you keep having trouble, email tech support. Just make sure all of your routing is correct, test without effects first, check if you are getting signal to an inserted effect (for example, insert a reverb and see if there is input into the reverb), make sure your output bussing is correct etc. Sorry I couldn't be of further help. If you were using Cubase, I could help more. -M

  • Thanks. I CAN add effects in Logic, but only to the entire instance of Vienna Pro and all the tracks together at once. What I can't do is add effects to individual tracks without having them apply to every track on that instance of Vienna.

  • Are you routing your tracks to separate outputs in VEP? For example violins to output 1/2, violas to 3/4, cellos to 5/6 etc? Once you do that, you need to setup Logic instrument tracks per VEP output assignment, as stated in the manual. Apply separate effects to the Logic tracks as you see fit. Other than that, I don't know what you're doing wrong. I would contact support and provide them with a screenshot. Sorry I couldn't be of further help. -M

  • OK. Maybe I need to look into that. I know that I have been setting the MIDI input channels per track, but I don't even recall using the routing option. I'm new at this. I'll try that out. Thanks.

  • Yeah, I'm just not getting how to do this and this is becoming odd that no one can walk me through this as I've hit the message boards before with the same result. I went in and set 2 instrument tracks, the first to OUT 1/ OUT 2 and the second to OUT 3 / OUT 4 on my slave computer. But, now what? How do I route these tracks and receive them into Logic Pro on the master computer?

  • If you look at the manual, it shows you that the first instrument track in Logic is automatically assigned to outputs 1/2. Quoting the manual "you can add more stereo channels in ascending order comfortably by simply clicking the “+” Button underneath the SOLO button in the Instrument channel." If you're using VEP 5 it's on pp 47-50 of the manual. If VEP 4 it's pp29-32. So, I guess the question is, did you assign your first logic instrument channel yet? If so, are you receiving VEP outs 1/2? If so, then if you add the new instrument channels you can assign the outputs in ascending order, or perhaps they will automatically be assigned in ascending order. So make sure that you are creating the proper instrument channels on the logic side. Follow the manual step by step. The first thing you have to do is assign a VEP multi-output AU instrument, which will be assigned to outs 1/2. Again, I'm a Cubase user, and so it is done differently, but it seems like once you click the + button at the bottom of your first logic VEP multi out instrument channel, you will have a new stereo instrument channel with VEP outputs 3/4 etc. If this is not working, you should contact VSL support, describe your situation and provide a screenshot. They'll get you going right away. Because I don't have Logic and I can't see your Logic mixer, I don't know how I can help further. I'm only interpreting the manual, but am otherwise flying blind, i.e., I may not be understanding Logic correctly and confusing the issue even more. -M '

  • Thanks! I think you nailed it with the "+" option to add AUX tracks. I overlooked this in the manual as I thought it was just a way to add more MIDI tracks. This seems to work great now.