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  • VEP5 Audio Input Plug-in = Latency in Logic!


    I have a bass track in which I would like to run the DI in logic, and the Amp Simulation in VEP5, and blend the two together. I've read page 33 in the manual which goes over Logic specific issues and I'm still experiencing noticeable latency when the two tracks are blended. Each bass notes sounds like a double attack and are NOT playing together! Here is my setup: 

    DI bass on Audio track 1, "Amp Sim" bass is on audio track 2, both of which go into Bus 1 for the blended bass sound. On the Amp sim Bass track I have inserted the I/O plugin (connected to output 1 and bypassed) as well as the Audio Input plugin for VEPro. I created a new instrument track (which I named Amp Sim Return) and inserted VEP5 as the instrument, as well as another bypassed I/O plugin. I then created an "event input" plugin on a track for parameter automation for the Amp Sim track, and added an I/O plugin as well. 

    My Logic preferences are set to "small buffer range," Plugin delay compensation is set to "all" and VE pro is set to a Latency of zero buffers, and the results still cause noticeable latency and I can gear the amp sim's signal playing back later than the DI signal, causing a double attack. This becomes worse if I set VE pro's buffer range to 4, so it seems Logic is NOT getting the correct latency amount from VE pro for its plugin delay compensation. 

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated, but it seems to me one of the VE pro plugins (either the Audio input, instrument, or event input) are not correctly telling Logic how much latency they are generating, so Logic's PDC cannot correctly compensate and thus creating this problem with the Amp Sim track playing back later than the DI. Whats odd is that it continues to get worse when I add a greater buffer in VEPro, but if PDC was working, this shouldn't make a difference, right?  

  • Logic isn't too good with dynamic latency compensation and will often require a start + stop of the transport to apply latency changes. Have you tried that? Also make sure you're using the last build, as the one before that had a latency compensation bug in it.