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  • Problem with Library Updates

    Hi there,

    I somehow can't get the libraries updated. Using the latest VI Pro2, following all directions in the manual. But when I drag the zip

    files onto the Directory Manager window, a message appears stating: "this file is invalid or corrupt".

    Donwloaded library updates twice to make sure. Also dragging unpacked files doesn't work.

    Any thoughts...?

    Kind regards,




    Vista 64 bit, Nuendo4 as host

  • Hi Alex, 

    Your signature states that you are using VI PRO 1.... That would explain this error message. When did you download the Library Updates?

    We had a bug in an early version of VI PRO with the new Library Updates. 

    You can also contact us at  with more details. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Paul,

    Sorry, my misstake, I use this version: VI Pro 2.0.9650

    I downloaded the Library Updates on December 3

    Kind regards,


  • From where do you drag the files? I tried it once directly from a USB Stick an got similar error-messages. When I copied the files to the Desktop First and dragged them from there everything was fine.

    All the best,


  • Hi Dirk,

    I copy them from the desktop too, alas...

    Thanks anyway!


  • Hi Alex,

    the update files you have downloaded on December 3th should be fine, but I think you have to update VI PRO 2 to version 9753.



  • That indeed solved the problem, all's updated and well now, thank you Herb!

    Kind regards,