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  • How do I delete the plugin cache file or "blacklist" plugin file in VEP?

    I want a fresh rescan of all my plugins because U-He's Diva is not loading anymore in VEP and Urs said a fresh rescan should solve the problem...he said the following: Please contact the makers of Vienna about deleting a cache file for plugin information, and possibly a blacklist file (or maybe check their knowledgebase and forums). I suppose a fresh and proper rescan will bring her back Where is this file? Thanks! Win 7 64 bit... i7 chip 16 gigs of ram. VEP 4.1.7846

  • I know someone must know the answer to this...pretty please anyone?

  • In VE Pro's preferences under the Plugins tab there's a "VST Settings..." button. Click it and a window will open that has the "Rescan All..." button you need.