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  • Channel input/output limitations

    Hi all, After long tests, I have say that VEP Pro 5 works without any glitch but I found that I can't use more than 20 inputs and 20 outputs at the same time. My setup is: Mac Pro 8 cores 1.1, Nuendo 5.1.1 + VEP 5 as client PC Windows 7 x64 home edition as server When I use more than 20 streams of inputs AND outputs at the same time (40 streams) Nuendo stops receiving audio. Is there any limitation? Thanks! Regards

  • I'll have to verify this. That limitation is definitely not meant to be in there. Thanks for reporting this.

  • Any update? Thanks. Could be any problem with my "home" Windows version?

  • Could you send a mail to  with your issue? I can help you better that way.