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  • Vienna Ensemble Pro 4 & 5 and SonicProjects OP-X Pro II Preset loading problem

    Hi In Vienna Ensemble Pro OP-X Pro II will not save the correct program number. It will load the correct bank, but every instance just recalls Program number 1. It doesn't matter if Vienna Ensemble Pro is connected via LAN to the Sequencer or just running completely stand alone. I also tested various other VSTi, but the other plugs are all doing well.

    I already informed the developer of the OP-X.Their quote:

    "I guess this must have to do with the way VEP handles fxb chunks. OP-X PRO-II in fact has not it's own format and system for patches, it fully relies on standard fxp/fxb chunks. Most sequencers and vst host save an fxb chunk together with the song file which is the exact representation of the current state of the active fxb bank at the time of saving. So after loading the exact state including all 128 patches and their modes will be recalled on loading the song using the chunk. And this works well in all sequencers we have tested. Some hosts (not sequencers - they do it by standard) don't do this by default, e.g. in Herman Seib SaviHost this has to be activated. I don't know VEP myself, but I guess this can be activated too somewhere. Maybe you could check it in the user manual? I'm sure it can be activated somewhere."

    Does anybody works with the OP-X Pro II Synth, which is btw an excellent virtual reissue of the famous Oberheim OB-X?[Y][:)]

    Thanx a lot for your help


  • Edit

    the Sonicprojects developer told me to try with the GForce Oddity and i came to the same results. It's not saving the program correctly.

    So this must be an issue, how VEP handles the fxp chunks.

    Please help



  • I've confirmed this issue. It's fixed for the upcoming update. It will behave 100% identical to Cubase 6 in terms of saving/loading then.

  • Thanx so much for the fast response. I'm looking forward to the Update then.

    Merry X-Mas and a happy, healthy successful new year to the whole Vienna Crew [*][G][:)]