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  • Slave PC stopped showing up on network in VE Pro 5!


    I dont know what happened, but my slave PC is no longer showing up in VE pro 5. I'm running a Mac Pro and recently updated my OS to 10.6.8, Logic Pro 9.1.6, and VE pro 5 build 9753 on both mac and PC. Whats interesting is projects that were "preserved" and saved in Logic are opening fine, but I cannot create new VE Pro instances in either these songs, nor new logic songs!! 

    If I open VE pro on my slave mac pro instead of the PC, everything shows up fine. If I open VE pro on my local mac pro, same thing. I can connect to instances and/or create new ones no problem. However, if I try to do the same thing with my PC, it doesn't show up! Its acting as if the PC doesn't exist. 

    I have "advertise on local network" selected. I even downloaded and installed the elicense control centers for both machines again. I can connect just fine to the PC via file sharing as well as RDC, but VE pro will not connect to new instances. This is true for both Logic pro and Digital Performer. I've tried connecting directly via ethernet from Mac to PC, as well as through my gigabit switch, and neither seem to work.

    I'm at a loss as to whats causing this problem or what to do fix it. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide. 

    p.s. I just opened up a song I did not use preserved instances on, and for some reason the PC loaded the patches! WEIRD!! Again I still cannot create new instances, nor does it advertise on my network. Very strange, very frustrating...

  • update: I can connect to the PC's VEpro if I manually type in the PC's IP address. However, I still cannot see unpreserved instances on the PC in a list; i.e. if I create a VEpro instance on the PC, name it "test" and add instruments, I still cannot see this instance on my mac host. Any ideas? 

  •  Are you using fixed IP?


  • Yes, my PC is on a manual IP address that doesn't change. I did the same for my mac today as a test, and still a no-go in the server list.

    This is very annoying to have to manually connect like this!

  • Interesting update: I change the IP settings on the PC to "obtain IP address automatically," restarted and it now works fine! It still has the IP address I originally gave it, but now it showing up fine in the list in VEpro my Host! WOO HOOO!!

    I must have done something wrong when I setup my manual IP address. Any advice? Should I leave it be since it seems to be working, or should I try again setting my own static IP address?