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  • Help with selecting new computer

       Please help me pick a new music computer system.
       My 3 year goal is a film composer type system with a DAW template of 150 big library patches simultaneosly available for use.  
       An example is the system of film composer Mike Patti (on YouTube and where you can see his template). Its an 8 core Power Mac running Vienna Symphonic Library, Project Sam Symphobia and maybe EWQL with around 8-16GB or more on Digital Performer.  I think there may be around 10 instances or more of Kontakt and Altiverb running simultaneously and some other sample libraries and assorted goodies and connected with ReWire and Bidule.
       I'm thinking of two computer system options dictated by my budget unless you think of another:
       (1) A less expensive computer like an HP Elite, a PC with i5 or i7, etc. (e.g. not a loaded 8 core Power Mac) and maybe 8GB so I can iniially at least afford and start learning one big library but using fewer simultaneous tracks and patches.  The idea is when I can later afford a more powerful computer like a Power Mac and additional big libraries I would reuse this computer as a slave hosting a big library.
       (1) A more powerful/expensive "permanent" main computer now (Power Mac or PC equivalent).  Underuse it for a few years with less expensive smaller libraries like Miroslav, VSL solo/ensembles, Hollywood Brass etc. until afer a few years I can afford bigger, more expensive libraries (like Symphoba, VSL, and EWQL) and run them in a 150 track/patch template.
       So... what would you suggest:  (1) Smaller computer and one big library or a few lesser ones running fewer tracks and reusing it as a slave later when I upgrade my hardware system, or (2) a more powerful but underutilized main "permanent" computer now and deferring purchase of the big libraries and running more tracks/patches until later.
       And what computer make/model, features, memory, hard drives, etc. ?
       Thanks for any help !


  • You should definitely check out PC Audio Labs. They make computers explicitly for audio production. They are musicians and audio people and I have seen nothing that compares...

  • If you want to use Digital Performer, then currently you will need to get a Mac. However, if you can wait until April, DP will be released for Windows. Of course there are other sequencers  that you could use, and in a way this is the first choice you should make, rather than what platform you want to use.


  • Look at Apple refurb, you can get Macpro at a cheaper price ( I got my two last one from there)

    I got the Apple care 

    My Macpro 12 core is fine for 100 instrument templates without MIR

    My VSL template is using 30/35 % without MIR and 50/60 % with

    I am doing some test with MIR at the moment, looks like I will need more memory

    MacBook Pro M3 MAX 128 GB 8TB - 2 x 48" screen --- Logic Pro --- Mir Pro 3D --- Most of the VI libs, a few Synch... libs --- Quite a few Kontakt libs --- CS80 fanatic