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  • [SOLVED] Strange files

    I've recently updated to VI Pro 2 and VE 5 and also installed a demo of MIR Pro. I now find that on one of my samples disks which contains all my Vienna samples, next to the folder with Vienna samples there are a number of large files and I do not know what they are or where the come from. It are 8 files like:




    They all take between 350 and 900 MB.

    Any ideas where they come from? Can I safely delete them?

    Thanks, cheers, Bob.

  • Hi bob, 

    These are the stretched files you created. You can delete them, but if you load any of the presets again (also some of the presets in our Library Updates automatically create stretched files), they will be created again. 

    You can assign any folder you like for these stretched files in the VI PRO Directory Manager. 



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Paul,

    Thanks a lot for your quick reply! I guess they must then have been created by the library updates because I did not create any. I have ample space on my hard disks, I'll just leave them then.

    Thanks again, cheers, Bob.