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  • Performance Legato slur patch in Chamber Strings

    Hi All,

    just wondering if someone can explain what the Performance Legato slur patch in Chamber Strings is? It does not come up in the Patch/Matrix pdf manual in the performance patches in regard to an explanation.

    I can hear a slight slur from note to note, but, I'm just wondering if someone could define exactly what is happening with this patch.

    many thanks for any answer to this.



  • Hi Steve, 

    Sorry for the delay!

    The new "slur" patches are added with the Library Updates of the String DVD Collections. 

    The primary goal was to provide you with an even more realistic legato especially for super-fast passages, which is why they are mostly used with the VI PRO 2 run matrices. 

    All in all, these patches are quite versatile and can be used in many contexts, also slower passages

    in a nutshell: A useful and felxible free addition for our users, I´d say.



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Paul,

    no problem - well, thanks for that extra info. Now I understand what the patch is about.

    It is definitely an extra useful addition to the library that is greatly appreciated. Thanks so much for that extra addition to our library!