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  • REPLY to the thread CYRIL PLEASE READ THIS ;

    Hi Dietz.

    1) I was trying to help narrowing down the problem with Logic as I was ready to buy MIR PRO for Xmas. I have been programming for 25 year, done a lot of beta testing, I wrote my first program in HEX on a Z80 ......

    2) Why did you allow me to answer to the tread "Cyril please read this" ?

    3) Why dont you want to answer to the 3 questions I post on various tread ? don't you know the answer ? if not,  ask your programmers !!! I have been working on the SSD with Martin,  he is a great programmer !

    • Is VE using CPU power for a VI that is not used ?
    • If I mute a VI does it uses power too ?
    • From your experience what is the max number of VI used should I get on my Macpro 12 core 2.93 with a raid of ssd

    4) I have hyjack a thread because YOU did not ansers my questions. It is very important to have an answer to narrow down the problem !

    5) I am not the one that started to say that your beta team did not do there job ! but I confirm that they did not do there job. Logic and Protools user seem to have the same problem. 

    6) I have warn VSL that they risk to be sue and to consult there lawyer because your policy is not legal in most european countries.

    I have invest a lot of euro in your libs I dont want VSL to go banckupt because you lose a lawsuit !!!!

    Lately I even said I was ready to invest  in a fingerprit reader if you where putting the security on it

    7) For Marnix, I have propose him to connect on my computer to do some test. This because I do not want that my orchestral template leave my house, it is months of work since the 1st version

    Yesterday I have done more test, it looks like with just a quartet I have hanging notes. I will do more test and send the song to Marnix.

    I am waiting  excuses from you because all this started because you did not want to answer my 3 basic questions. 



    MacBook Pro M3 128 GB 8TB - 2 x 48" screen - Most of the VI libs, a few Synch... libs - Quite a few Kontakt libs - CS80 fanatic