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  • Beware of I L I O

      I find it disturbing VSL trusts these clowns or do they ????

  • Hello Keyzz, 

    We have  a great corporation with ILIO, they are doing a perfect job. I´d like to kindly ask you to calm down a little bit, I´m sure we can handle all issues via



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Calm down a bit,...a defender of the clowns  says    

      Give me some of your money for a period of time for starters ,...  and not mail the proper replacement  discs, then not send the tracking link for a supposed new shipment  ,... Then  they say they have isuued me a credit on a VSL purchase from their site ,..if so  then where is my receipt of them doing such ???  

    Calm  down   ? ? ?   I am  calm.   It's when I start using certain adjectives  is when you can tell me to calm down  and if I were you I wouldn't be throwing your corporate weight around  either   YOU DON'T TREAT CUSTOMERS  AS I JUST DESCRIBED   

    Don't like my tactics then get a life 

    A realist

    in the real world customers spending money are what makes it go round n round 

    fathom that ! ! 

  •  Keyzz - there is one fundamental thing you have got wrong here,

    There are 2 S's and just one U in issued..............

  •  If you want to talk about fundamentals ,.. then let's stick to the topic at hand.

    My typing habbits have nothing to do with ILIO short changing it's buyer.  

  • + 1 for anutter grammar cop 

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    @Keyzz said:

     If you want to talk about fundamentals ,.. then let's stick to the topic at hand.

    Keyzz, having experience both in selling and supporting products from multiple different companies- I can tell you that everyone has a bad experience with some company. There are people no doubt who share your conserns and people no doubt who think the world of ILIO. What really matters is that you've had issues that you obviously feel aren't resolved. I suggest you contact ILIO. I'm not saying you haven't. I'm only saying that it would be better than a thread on the VSL forum. Besides that, with VSL's relationship to ILIO, you may find a bit of backlash on here.

    I'm just offering a friendly suggestion. [:)]