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  • Logic and event plugins - works sporadically

    I am using one (non-multi-timbral) instance of VE Pro 5 in Logic 9.1.6 just to launch the server on this project. Then I have added new tracks with the event instrument instace and the bypassed I/O. I don't like the multi-timbral option and want to try using VE Pro without having to check that box. The reason is that I want to try to see if it works without multi-timbral instances so that I don't have to choose in the beginning if I want 1 or 16 tracks in my project - I can add single tracks later.

    This works… sporadically?

    Suddenly when I try to play my little song VE doesn't get any input or output. Just when I hit stop VE plays some of the last notes.

    This can't be right.

    I had one event track without I/O plugin and this was for a short time the only track that made all event plugins (including that one) work as expected if it was selected in Logic. If I selected any other track and tried to play the song everything got silent until I stopped.

    Then I removed another I/O plugin on another event track and now it doesn't play at all.

    When the song is stopped I can play with my master keyboard, IF I select the VE track and then one of the event tracks and get lucky (it has worked just a few tiems).

    If I play and then stop the song, hear the last notes and then quickly play on my master keyboard with an event track selected, I can hear the notes I play fade out during 2 seconds, then I hear nothing but silence.

    My I/O plugin does not have a 1-2 option to check (like in the demo video) - I only have a list of return channels from my sound card… does it matter?

    Is it supposed to be like this, have I done something wrong or is this a bug? 


    Alright… now I have read all the threads and it seems I'm not alone. 

    Is it correct that Logic only can use 1 midi input (16 channels) per VE PRO instance?

    Who is it in e.g. Cubase? Isn't it like that I can use 32 midi INPUTS x16 channels = 512 midi channels on one instance without the need of any event plugins?

    If that's correct I'm gonna trash Logic and get Cubase.

  • I'm working on improving the situation in Logic for the next update, but it will always require somewhat annoying workarounds to get the Audio/Event Input plugins to work in Logic. VE Pro 5 works perfectly in Cubase/Nuendo without any need for workarounds.