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  • Ensemble plugin does not open in Logic anymore

    I'm using Logic 8 where I have ensemble vienna (the free download) in audio plugins VST and VST3. It was working fine until 3 days ago where I installed and straight away uninstalled Sibelius. Something had happened (I have no idea) and even though everything appears to be ok (I've checked millions of time the application support and audio in library) the vienna ensemble does not open. I unistalled the vienna instruments software and ensemble and install again but nothing changed. Now it opens vienna through Kontakt and still does not play. I have lots of pieces where I used vienna ensemble and now nothing is working. I don't know what is happening and have no idea what to do anymore. I would appreciate some help. Thanks

  • Don't need any help now. I solved it myself. However I was expecting to receive some help here if not online and telephone support from the company - specially when we pay so much money for these products.

  • what was your solution?