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  • Epic Orchestra wont Download

    I am trying to download the Epic Orchestra download. The download manager initially shows servers available, but then changes to 0(0) servers. Then it just sits there doing nothing. Am I doing something wrong?? Paul

  • This really is frustrating. elicenser is installed. Vienna Key with Epic Orchestra is plugged in. Epic Orchestra wont download. :(

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    Please make sure you are running the very latest download manager, found here.

  • Downloaded from the link on your website today. Is it different than this link? I have tried it on three different computers with no luck. They all say 0(0) servers available and just sit there and do nothing.

  • Then it sounds like your internet provider, or some firewall, is blocking the traffic. We are using the bittorrent protocol for transmission - perhaps you can talk to your ISP and see if they are blocking this type of traffic.

  • Thanks for the reply. I have downloaded hundreds of files/software/movies etc etc and have never had a problem before. They don't usually block downloads as such.