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  • vienna instruments pro 2 included sequencer patterns?


    I've just purchased Vienna Instruments Pro 2 in anticipation of future libary purchases. Now I am learning using epic orchestra and starting to play with the sequencer.  Is the sequencer content included in the install?  I can't seem to find it anywhere or much information in the videos or manual.  

    Thank You

  • Hi,

    pre-made sequences come with the library updates of your instruments. You can download them in your user area. For Epic Orchestra there is no library update, though (too small - Paul told me via email some days ago when I asked for this). So when you buy any other Vienna instrument libraries (and register them in case of DVD instruments) you´ll get the chance to download those library updates which also include a lot of pre-made sequences. (not sure, if this is the case for all instruments but for my strings, dimension brass and woodwinds I got sequences).


  • Thank You!