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  • scanning au's


    i'm trying to open vepro 5, 64x, in standalone fo rthe first time. while vepro is scanning the au's it stops warning me that a plugin is not authorized. the plugin is authorized and works in othe hosts. i've removed some of these plugs only to find more already fully funtional plugins that vepro warns me that they are not authorized. the other problem is that verpo will not let me cancel or retry. the warning dialogue doesn't work, so i have to force quit vepro.

    any help would be greatly appreciated.


    macpro 2x3ghz quad xeon

    24 gig ram

    os 10.6.4

    vepro version-5.0.9753

  • I assume you are using logic? Try authorising it in 32 bit mode then switch back to 64.

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    hi antcarrier,

    thank for your reply. no i'm not running logic, i'm running vepro in standalone 64x. these plugs work fine in logic 64x and are authorized.

    my biggest problem now is i can't open vepro without removing the components from the system plugin folder.



  • hi,

    i'm wondering if there is a way to cancel past the warnings when vepro 5 doesn't like an au plugin. when the warning dialogue comes up, i can't cancel or do anything to get past the warning. if i could cancel the dialogue i could at least work without those plugs.

    thanks again !