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  • Is it possible for 32bit fx send to VE pro5 in Logic 64bit mode?

    Hi there,

    I'm in Logic 64bit mode running the 32bit bridge and I'm just trying to offload an altiverb6 or Waves 32bit plug to a VEP5 slave for processing and return back to Logic.

    I must be completely lost in how to properly use VEP5 as an external FX processor (which is entirely & extremely possible). I'm assuming I just engage an input instance of VEP5 on a track or bus or master bus in Logic. Find the appropriate server on a slave which has the FX needed (ie. Altiverb loaded up) and the corresponding track's  audio in Logic will be sent to the Slave server , passed through Altiverb and then return back into the corresponding output channels Logic? Yes?

    If so Logic sees no VEP5 plug available under 32bit AU's - just 64. Concurrently, when I launch into 32bit mode in Logic there is now a 32bit VE plug available but when engaged it can't see the VEP5 Slave.

    I would greatly appreciate any help!

    Also - can't seem to find any user manual for VEP5 in its download. Where can I find it?

    Thanks in advance!

  • The user manual is really good and I recommend reading it. You have to be logged into your account, and then follow this link:

    (if the link doesn't work, its in the same place you downloaded the software, but under the "manuals" name) 

    Anyway, you can for sure use 32-bit plugins in VE pro while in 64-bit logic. However, you need to have them loaded in the 32-bit VE pro. The manual does a great job explaining how this is done, so I recommend checking that out and posting back if you have problems, as it is a bit confusing at first.