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  • VSL interface isn't linked up with my samples anymore

    Hi, I'm using Logic Pro 8, and VSL was working perfectly until recently. Now, when I open up the VSL interface, no patches are listed. I checked my hardrive, and all the samples are still there. They just aren't linked with the interface any longer. How do I solve this? Thanks, Dan.

  • Let me see if I can help.

    1.  Close ouf of ALL applications, and plug in your USB eLicenser.

    2.  Go to FINDER > VIENNA INSTRUMENTS (or vienna instruments pro if you have pro) > and launch DIRECTORY MANAGER.

    3.  Highlight ALL of the samples directories listed and click REMOVE on the far right.  This will remove ALL of your samples from VSL.

    4.  While still in Directory Manager, go to ADD FOLDER... (which is the top right button on the directory manager window).

    5.  Browse to you VSL Samples folder and hit CHOOSE at the bottom of the select window.

    This will reload ALL of the samples it finds in that location.  If you have more than one location for samples, you will need to repeat those add folder steps for EACH folder that has VSL samples.  Is easiest to ensure all VSL samples are in the one folder, and select the top level folder and it will automatically add all VSL samples in the below subfolders.

    Hope this helps.