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  • delay etc. to combine with vsl (Ircam Soloinstruments)

    Yeah,Yeah, this Ircam Soloinstruments with this damn Uvi player.But in response to my question to vsl, those special articulation developed the last 70 Years are not planned to be realized soon.But at least the Ircam sounds exist (buzz harp, pressando in strings, gliss in clarinet eol, jet wistle etc.).And there are two problems, the most urgent one is to combine both sample libraries with as less diference in the space setting, as possible to suggest the same room, hall etc. hough I'm a little used to Logic, melodyne etc. I dont know wich values in this uvi I have to adjust how to achieve the almost same roomquality.Sure, that I can only paint a little wioth Ircam since there are no performance tools.Has anyone already found an acceptable solution ?

    Strings I, Brass I+II, SE+SE pro, download instruments: flute, Piccolo, french Oboe, Clarinet b, Bassoon, VI pro2 ,vienna ensemble

    under iMac 27 i7, Motu hybrid

    Midi Export from Finale 11 files to Logic 9, VSL as Plug-in

  • I can only say, I also yould really like VSL to produce a library with the more recent playing techniques - especially for solo strings! Didn't buy the Ircam stuff, since the player is such a poor thing. Samplewise, I would recommend XSamples. They have some really usefull articulations, although the scripting is quite a mess, too. To get them sound together, you should use a bus of Early Reflections an a seperate one with reverb. The ER could also be a short reverb (like a small room in Altiverb). With those and power panning, you can put two different instruments in the same room. Of course, there is more to it, like compression and EQing etc. But this is good for a start.

    What i have done id addition is buying a cheap ebay violin and an electric cello (about 330€ at Thomann). Although I am not a string player, it has some uses to make your own sounds, when it is not about proper intonation in melodic playing (which I am obviously not able to achieve!!!). But with some willingness of experimenting you can get some decent and interesting stuff together! Plus you learn a lot about writing for string instruments.

    But this is not the same thing as a real Cello player in your studio, of course ...

  • Ok, I have to learn more in Logic, but at least Iknow the direction.

    So, thanks a lot.

    But first I need some more samples from vsl.I know that everyone tells that vsl has the biggest marked in film composition, that is also true.From contemporary composition living is a hard run on support and fundings.But with my formation (and because I'm not physically able to play voices on the keybord), my best shot are films that need "FX"-Orchestra.Always Symphobia castrates every creativity.

    Sure, If I  loose one day my key it is more afordable to change the library :(  than paying half of the library once again....

    Did you read the vsl ethics blog ?Ridicoules, every buisness ethic is to make money. Only that vsl gives you the samples, and a bak takes only your money.Every composer's ethic is to have the equipment, he need in these days to sell his composition with a win.So, the end of the story will be that composers might change the library, or crackers start to develop programs to crack donggles -what happened to Logic, and they had to change their politics back to passwords.So people got by a small crackedition enough adicted to buy it.The flex in Logic 9 plus melodyne (I have an old version) help a lot by adapting the possibilities of Ircam.The "new" (since a hundred of years or more existing e.g. pressando behind the bridge was used in Tango) samples will come when the other editions have them,too.

    I hope that as less as possible composers lose their vienna key, maybe to be sure I should put different licences on different keys, If I loose one I don't have to buy everything a second time.Or insurance, does anybody know a good software insurance in France ?