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  • Your Input Please on Grouping, Bussing, and Routing VSE

    Hello, I am curious to hear how different people here approach mixing and have set up their sessions. For example, I am curious do you create individual bus tracks in your DAW for each instrument to receive from VSE? Or are you sending the signals into the master channel on VSE and using just one return bus in your DAW to bring in all the instruments from VSE at final mixdown time? (or ...?)

    I know there must be about as many ways it could be done as people who are doing it. That's why I would like to hear some different methods people are using if you care to share yours.

    (here's my basic approach) I have been bringing everything back from VSE with its own DAW input /or track. ex. Vi-1 gets one track, Vi-2 another. Va-1 another, etc. and so on. Then I use my own version of the multi buss compression strategy that Michael Brauer talks about, here (he runs instrument groups to four mix-busses, labeled A-B-C-D routed to by frequency range)

    I do likewise normally more than four mix-busses. But for example I would have Violins grouped and combined at their own bus, then going to one of the mix-buses ("A" likely). Then out from the sub-busses to my rack and back, which is where things are finally combined down to the main outputs. I stage it so that each group bus will receive 4-8 or so separate instruments and then mix-busses will receive 2-4 groups maybe each. Opening new mix-busses as needed depending, etc. A-B-C-D... E-F-G etc.)

    I would be curious to hear from different people how they approach.

    Thank you in advance,


    I have the latest VSE5 Pro and VSI 2 using the VSL Super package library (standard) if it is helpful to know. MacPro, 10.6 OSX ,12G Ram, using SSL Alphalink 64 in/out