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  • Logic and a few templates with VEpro and Mir pro

     Hi musicians!

    I use MirPro and Logic on an iMac. Made a first test and was successful after 2 hours reading and trying. Sound came out [:)] A small strings setup - that`s all.

    Understanding the detailled concept of MirPro - naming the mixer is what's troubing me. What would really help are a few basic Orchestra templates for this combination, maybe a Mozart orchestra and a Bruckner orchestra with a basic reasonable mix. A 36-pages pdf is fine and all but a few good examples would really help as a starting point...

    I'm no sound engineer but a simple composer working with a piano and a sheet of paper - this high-end software stuff is magical and fascinating as well as a pain in the thumb [:S]

    Any chance for such a template?

    Best Regards and many thanks!


  • Hi Ralf,

     Thanks for your interest in MIR Pro!

    Just to make sure that I understand your concerns correctly: You mean adding proper names to mixer-channels is painsome? In this case I strongly suggest to enable the Preference "Set Channel Name based on Instrument Profile" (see p. 8 of the Prliminary Manual). MIR Pro will then assign a meningful way all by itself.

    You don't even have to assign the Instrument Profile yourself in 95% of all cases. MIR Pro is able to "Guess" the proper Profile on behalf of the samples loaded into Vienna Instruments Pro 2 (explained on p. 22 and 23 of the manual).

    We have done a few exemplary Presets with positioned instruments ("Herb's Teldex Presets" with many instruments already positioned inside the famous scoring stage), and there will be "Venue Presets" for all MIR Venues (empty stages with optimzed Output Formats, Room EQ end so on). I have to admit that creating many more orchestral presets doesn't make much sense to me, as chances are that you will never get something that really fits your needs.

    But don't despair - once you have grasped a few basic concepts of MIR (which admittedly "thinks" very different to conventional mixing tools), creating a believable and unique (!) setup of your own is easy (and it's fun, too). Just look at some photographs of your favorite orchestral recordings and start from here. It's really as easy as that.

    Kind regards,

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  •  Hi Dietz,

    Many thanks for the fast reply!

    The thing is - it works and I don't know why.

    The signal flow is a mystery to me, there are at least three layers of running programs right now (Daw, VEP and MirPro). It sounds fascinating and so much different compared to my earlier mixes - not that these ones were reasonable in any way. So I'm feeling like a total "noob". There are lot's of slots, buttons and so on. Everything seems doubled or tripled (e.g. Logic has reverb, Vienna Suite reverb, VIP has a reverb, you can add reverb inside VEP and then there's Mir - I'm lost in hall and space...)

    To make things short: I don't know what is right or wrong any more, a feeling that I lost the grip for workflow.

    Maybe your're right and experimenting will lead me back o the light [:)] Will give it a try.

    I had a look at Herb's Teldex Presets and think those Venue Presets will offer quite a few interesting hints.

    Many thanks so far! With best Regards!


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    @ralf said:

    To make things short: I don't know what is right or wrong any more, a feeling that I lost the grip for workflow.

    Hi Ralf,

    there is basically no "right" or "wrong" If something sounds good to you - it is good! 😉 I know that so many different options are often confusing - but they also mean total freedom & place for creativity.