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  • VEPRO 4: Can a newer build recognise an Older build on on a slave?

    Hi Just installed v4.1.9753 on a new mac, which I hope to use as master to a W7 PC with v4.0 installed. The mac isn't detecting the slave PC (which works fine via my old master with same v4.0 installed going through same ethernet hub). Is this likely to do with the slave being an older version? Or should I be delving more into networking issues? thanks

    1. You need the same version of VEP on both computers.
    2. Install the latest eLicenser on both computers
    3. Assuming that the network works between computers, make sure you have either no firewalls active, or that you have manually "allowed" VEP through the firewalls.


  • If I do this, will the Old master (v4.0) recognise the slave with the newer updated version (v4.1.9)? Or has everything got to be the same version?

  • No. My old master is not picking up the new build on my mac. I'll have to be brave and update all versions. thanks