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  • I can't get my effects to load up

    I got Pro 5 so I can use waves 32 bit in a 64 bit system with cubase 6, on a windows 7 computer I got a really fast computer, lots of drives, ssd C drive, tons of RAM It shows the instruments and effects loading up, but when I try and add them in the mixer most of em don't show up. I'm totally new to VSL and heard it was great, but confusing. So here I am. Can anyone help walk me through this. The manual doesn't cover my issues. Thank you Brian

  • Hi Brianfun,

    I'm not sure if I'm right about this,but I think if you want to use 32bit FX in VEP then you have to open a 32bit instance of VEP or use Jbridge on the FX.Look up JBridge if you don't know what it is. Good luck . Hope I'm right about this and not just wasting your time


  • yes, thank you so much! You were right!