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  • iMac 27" Noise

    I've noticed that quite a few users here work with the 27" iMac. I've read a lot of complaints on the Internet regarding excessive hard disk noise (both 1 and 2Tb), even after replacements by Apple - and some complaints regarding screen discolouration. Would someone care to share their experiences here?

  • Erik- have you bought the hard drive from Apple? If you haven't - do not buy hard drives or ram from Apple.

  • Hi Paul, and no, I don't buy RAM from Apple but I have always accepted Apple's hard drive default choice. I have only owned a tower once, and it had an IBM hard drive in there, but since my MacPlus down to the iMacs I feel it's a hassle for me to buy the computer, then take it to a "specialist" to replace the hard disk, pay money and risk other potential problems, or voiding the warranty by some mistake from that "specialist".

  •  Hello,

    I'm very interested in this subject too. I had for a period of weeks an Imac 27 i7 and I coudn't stand the fact that the screen had some dark spots and the unit was pretty hot sometimes. I changed several units but every one of them had a particular "defect". Maybe someone who remained with an Imac and used it for long period  can give us more info. I really wanted to use it with VSL only, but the price versus performance gave me a real headake to choose. I have to say that I'm still inclined to go and get one, they look pretty cool !!


  • My iMac 27" i7 is one year old and (actually) no problem with hard disk noise or screen discolouration. 

  • I've owned two iMacs, both with the same discolouration (something seeping?..) in the bottom left hand corner of the screen, I thought it was a magnetic fault? The first one was dead quiet, the second always did exude a continuous light buzz (fans?).

    Anyway, you both seem to be happy with the hard drives, thanks for your input. Anyone else?