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  • VEPro4 vs. VEPro5

    Hi all,

    I need to add another computer to my setup so that means I need another set of licenses (already using 3).  So I can either buy 3 new VEPro4s for $195 or buy 6 VEPro5s for about $100 (because of the discount/upgrade).  So my question is, other than the MIR integration, what benefits or drawbacks are there for VEPro5 vs. 4?  SHould I just go ahead and upgrade all my computers to VEPro5?  I am using DP7.  Also, some of my PCs are 64bit, can they be used in 64bit mode even though DP is still only 32 bit?


    David Russell

  •  You cannot mix versions of VE Pro, all computers must have exactly the same version, so it has to be all V4 or all V5, mixing them will not work.

    I would suggest you go to VE Pro 5

  • Hi David,

    I'm currently using Dp 7.24 with two farm PCs W7 64bit. So, to take advantage of limitless usage of RAM, I'm using VEP4 64bit and it works like a charm.

    I didn't take the plunge to VEP5 because there is a confirmed bug ( that prevents DP's Bounce to Disk feature to work correctly with the new Event Plugin (temporarily there's a workaround: "Freeze" seems to be working good so for now is the way to go).

    Hope it helps


  • Yes, thanks.  I understand that.  Which is why Im trying to determine if I should just switch all my computers to VEP5 (the 6 licenses I mentioned)  Just trying to determine what the differences are before I switch over.

  • Thanks Arceo,

    That is good to know!  I don't use the Bounce to disk with anything coming from the PC Farms.  Only use it to bounce out Quicktimes once everything is recorded so it doesn't sound like it would be a big issue for me.