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  • VEP impossible to run : version numbers of master and slave do not match ?

    Hello, When I try to connect my i7 PC (Windows 7 64 bits) with my MacBook Pro (Snow Leopard), I get the following box : "Could not connect to " [32]" because the version numbers of master and slave do not match. Make sure that the same version of Vienna Ensemble Pro is installed on both master and slave systems." I don't understand : I've bought only one VEP and installed it on my two machines. What can I do ? Thank you for your replies. axelstorn

  •  I would suggest you download the latest version and install that on both machines - even if it does appear to be the same version.

    If that doesn't fix it, then panic and contact VSL support.............

  •  Latest version of eLicenser?


  • andyjh and DG, thanks for your replies. Your advices seem to have fixed it. I downloaded last eLicenser, last VEP on both machines, and it connects. I was looking for issues concerning serial numbers and not for versions. Have a nice day. axelstorn