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  • VEPRo 5 Initialisation a mess


    On first launch, the plugin validation process can easily get stuck when a non-authorised plugin is scanned. It is often the case when relegating machines to slave work that 3rd party plugins may remain installed even though their authorisation devices may have migrated to another machine.

    Basically I must force quit VE Pro5 (32 bit) if I can not authorise a plugin. Even adding the necessary 3rd part dongle and predssing retry does not work. In fact, Vienna Suite was a case in point. The slavde in question does not require it, and yet VS is installed due to the machine's previous usage. And I don't think we should be expected to create a clean OS just for VE Pro 5 to be aboe to initialise.

    Please can VE Pro have a more effective "escape" routine so that no authorised plugins can be passed over at the first launch.