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  • OS SSD and using the extra space for samples...

    Its fairly common knowledge that it isn't a good idea to use your OS drive for sample libraries.  But this knowledge is based on using spinning drives.  What about SSD's?  They have amazing speeds when it comes to data transfer rates (and number of i/o's per second).

    In building some new mac mini server slaves, I'm wondering if I might be able to get a bit of extra space for sample libraries by partitioning off a part of the OS drive, and using it for samples.  The OS only needs around 30GB or so (max) - and I can get drives from 60 to 240GB at a reasonable price.  I have 240GB Mercury Extreme PRO 6G's already for the main library drive. 

    I do have an extra SSD here I can (and probably will) test this idea with - but if anyone says "no" to the idea with a good reason, I'll save myself an afternoon of tinkering!

    Thanks! Cheers, Brendan.

  • Don't worry, it will work fine.

  • Yeah, thats the advice I just got from a couple of other friends with far more knowledge than me in this area.

    At least, its worth giving it a go!  So 2 SSD's now installed.  Just turned it back on, and miracle of miracles, it still works.  (Always nerve-wracking working on these small macs with too many bits!