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  • VE Pro5 Event Input DP7 help

    I'm not able to change the MIDI INPUT number on any given instance of VE Pro5 Event Input. It seems to be stuck on channel 1. I have disabled Pre-Gen mode in plug-in preferences. I'm starting DP first, then VEP, then opening a file in DP. Now what? Mac Pro 8 Core 2.8 gHz, MacMini server slave, VE Pro5, DP 7.23, Kurzweil K2500, Ivory, Stylus RMX, Trilian, Omnisphere, Zebra 2, RealGuitar, RealStrat, GigaStudio (2), Chris Heinz Horns, Mojo Horns, Wallander Band, LASS, Kontakt 4, Komplete 5, a couple of old MIDI boxes, MOTU 1224 (w/Black Lion Mods), MOTU 2408 mk3, MTPAV USB,Yamaha 02R, and a real B3! WaHoo!