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  • [SOLVED] Anyone using Ensemble Pro and Cubase : I need help

    Hi Paul has tried quite hard to help me via support and we have made some progress. here is my current issue (s) just in case anyone else can offer any assistance as well. I am using Ensemble Pro as a plugin in Cubase and when I have an instance of Ensemble running I can load a vsti in a channel and then click on a key on the keyboard of the vsti and hear the sound no problem, and I see the sound register on the meters. However when I try to play the sound on my keyboard I hear no sound and see nothing on the meters in Ensemble Pro. I have no problem hearing sound on the keyboard with a misi module etc. I added Ensemble pro in the Cubase VST rack and have no idea at all how to translate the sounds I hear in the Ensemble pro instance to hear them via Cubase on my keyboard. I match the midi channels etc. Also if I simply load a vsti in Cubase in the VST rack I can just load sounds, select a midi channel and right away hear and play those sounds on my keyboard. It is no problem to add a vsti in Ensemble Pro but I can never play it or hear it on my keyboard. Can anyone offer any help?

  • Hi Anthony, 

    I think we have resolved this via mail already. In Cubase, you have to click the Check-box "Release driver when application is in background" in the Device settings. 



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL