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  • Altiverb 7 - non loading legacy projects


    You may be aware Audioease have now released Altiverb 7. Unusually, the install OVERWRITES Altiverb 6 in the plugins directories, for all formats.

    (AV 7 now installs under Lion. There is also a new release of AV 6 that is Lion compatible at install too, before you jump to 7 for that single reason).

    Audioease state on their website that projects that load up an AV 6 will automatically load up AV 7 and sound exactly the same. Well this is true on Nuendo (Mac) at least. I have tested an old project and AV 7 does indeed load into the Plugin slot where AV 6 was previously loading.

    Unfortunately, VE Pro standalone (32 bit) does NOT do this. Despite the surprise that AV 7 (vst) magically slots in with Nuendo (and Protools I have read) this magic is not working in VE Pro.

    Is this a VE Pro issue? Or an Altiverb issue?

    Has anyone found that their AU version of AV 7 upgrade is behaving correctly? I cannot test this outside of VE Pro as I do not run Logic.

    I will send a ticket to Audioease in the meantime.




    Audioease support have answered my ticket. They say that their beta testing was with VE Pro 5, which is supported - meaning that AV 7 will transparently replace AV 6 in VE Pro 5 projects. (I have not tested this - still on VE Pro 4). They will investigate my case as it was not what they were expecting, so we will see if it is a one off on my system or not in due course.

  • Hi again

    I seem to be a lone voice here. Anyway:

    I upgraded to VE Pro 5 to test if Alitiverb 7 really will load Altiverb 6 projects in the version of VE Pro 5 that Audioease apparently beta tested.

    Well, it does NOT work. VE Pro 5 will put up an error when it fails to find AV 6 (even though AV 7 is now installed).

    This is all quite game changing stuff if you have legacy projects or templates that use Altiverb 6 that oner MUST be able to load up for whatever reason. I know I know - Audioease is a clear competitor of VSL, but this is the name of the game with hosting 3rd party plugins.

    Can VSL and Audioease please get their heads together on this one? It's VERY tricky for a user to beta test this, as once you have installed AV 7, your license to AV 6 is revoked on iLok and replaced with AV 7 license. So creating clean AV 6 test projects to test AV 7 is really not fun.

    Also, if I instantiate a new Altiverb 7 insert effect on a channel in VE Pro 5 (non LAN version at 32 bit) all is fine. If I try and delete that instance, VE Pro 5 suddenly quits with no warning. Odd. VE Pro 5 doesn't seem ready, at least not in my setup. Rolling back to 4. It could be that AV 7 is not ready, but I don't have time to work this out. (It does not quit VE Pro 4 BTW).

    I will send my troublesome project to Audioease.

    If they can't get it to work I will send it to VSL.

    Thanks for reading.

  • Ben, I think that one of the reasons that you seem to be a lone voice here, is that not only is AV7 very new, but as it's Mac only, it's not even available to more than half of the user base. Add to that the fact that many Mac users are using PC slaves, your target audience is even smaller.

    I would imagine once AV7 has been available longer (I only got the "update released" email yesterday), I would have thought that more people will be able to jump in with their experiences.


  • DG: Yes you are right - and I seem to have jumped on the update rather prematurely too! Not my usual approach with updates...

    I am in a dialogue with Audioease now so am "at the coalface" for a bit. And backing up to VE Pro 4 for a while linger until I have some downtime.

    By the way - I would be very interested in your views on this topic:

    I know you have answered on it, but it's whether we can really pin down the best approach to the MIDI port vs Instances question. You seem pretty versed on it in general...



  • I'm not sure that there is much more  that I can add to that thread. I am quite happy with my 2 ports per instance set-up, and as Nuendo never crashes I don't need to worry about things such as auto-save. I just save when it suits me. For my projects it is around 10-15 seconds per save.