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  • Strings library

    Hello! Are VSL planning any new strings library in near time, or there is reason for now to buy existing library, for example, special edition? Best regards, Vadim

  • Haha ...  That's the million Euro question [:D]

    I have asked if they are planning to release any NEW STRINGS libraries, several times on this forum, but so far it has been a totally mute reply from VSL.

    Which imho. doesn't help in making a good decision as to buy their exisiting Strings, or wait for New Strings Libraries.

  •  Usually we don't announce new library when developement is not quite finished.

    But it's save to say that any of our upcoming new products will complement perfectly existing products (as ususal), so any investement now defenitely won't be "lost".



  • Thanks for the feedback herb,

    That is reassuring, I plan to buy some of your New Strings, and other New sample libraries (When they are released).