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  • Advice on my next purchase move please!!!

    Okay, I currently have the Cube standard pack which I am in love with. I am on a tight budget and my question is this - is it worth getting the extended edition for around 4k? Is 4k a good price for the extra articulations in 2011? or are they becoming outdated and would my money be better spent elsewhere (on different sample libraries etc) Thank you so much! Simon

  • Simon,

    This is a question that you have you make a decsion on based on your needs. We cannot make this decision for you. 4K is a lot of money to me, so I would study all of my options before spending it. Decide what you're trying to add to your arsenal, what are you missing. What do you gain by purchasing library A, would would you gain by purchasing library B?

    Maybe if you descrbe to us what you're missing, we can be of more help. But speaking honestly, since this is a VSL forum, Personally, I would be hesitant about recommending other libraries to you, simply out of courtesy to VSL.

    Good luck.

  •  Hi Simon,

    I'd say especially our Extended content offers articulations and possibilities which are hard to find in any other orchestral libraries.

    Further If you plan to use VI PRO 2 Extended library content will offer a lot of cool features and functionality.



  • "Personally, I would be hesitant about recommending other libraries to you, simply out of courtesy to VSL." You could recommend me VSL software outside of the cube :P. I have pretty much all the EastWest(Hollywood Strings, Hollywood Brass, Pianos etc.) stuff, LASS, Omnisphere etc. I use the Cube mainly but not for strings because i feel they are lacking in the standard package compared to their competitors. But I like the sound of them. I guess I am not sure if 4k is worth the more realistic performances I can obtain or not? Which is why im really unsure. I lack more eletronic stuff than orchestra samples but I use the latter far more. However, VSL software is the only one that has ever WOWED me before, so I want to make more purchases with VSL. Hope this helps. Simon

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    Hi Simon,

    I have just sent you demo licenses for your VI Collections Extended Libraries, to evaluate what´s in there. Don´t forget to download and apply the Library Updates as well, especially for all the cool stuff in VI PRO 2!!

    If you´d like to add some BIG strings, I´d check out the sound of the Appassionata Strings I (normal articulations) and AS II (con sordino).

    If you are looking for a great piano, check out the Vienna Imperial (with up to 1200 samples per key).

    Here are some videos.

    Some great sounds (also quite some weird stuff): Elements!

    Advanced Brass: Dimension Brass... designed for VI PRO, here some explanation in the video.

    What do you think?



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL