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  • Automating plugin parameters with VEP 5 and Pro Tools?


    I am trying out the demo of VEP 5 with PT 10 and am very confused about how to automate plugin parameters. I read the manual, but it isn't all that clear to be honest. I want to write automation data in PT and have that affect the plugins in VEP.

    I loaded Omnisphere in VEP and I'm guessing I can't just right-click a knob and choose "Automate with host" or "MIDI Learn"? I chose the Automate Parameters option in VEP, but what is the source / destination supposed to correspond to? Omnisphere just gives me numbers in the destination - not parameter names. Is there any way to MIDI Learn parameters and write that data in PT?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


  • 1. Open "Automation Mapping" window in VEPro Server.

    2. Click "Add entry"

    3. Click the "L" (Learn) button to the right, which learns destination parameter.

    4. Open plugin, drag the control you wish to automate.

    5. Choose source parameter, or click left "L" button to learn from host.

    6. Record automation in host, drag parameter in plugin. Automation should be recorded.

  • Thank you Martin - that helped a lot!

    Here is what I had to do for Omnisphere specifically:

    1. In Omnisphere, right-click the control I wanted to automate and choose "Enabled Host Automation"

    2. Open Automation Mappying, click Add Entry, click L for destination and move the control in Omnisphere

    3. For source, I chose a MIDI CC number in the appropriate MIDI port / channel

    4. In Pro Tools, I automated that specific MIDI CC number for the appropriate instrument track that corresponded to Omnisphere (MIDI port / channel)

    A few follow-up questions:

    1) What are the "parameters" for in the Source automation mapping dropdown? How do those work with the host or should I only use MIDI CC / Learn?

    2) A Pro Tools specific question - do you happen to know how to rename the automation parameter in Pro Tools? I assigned it to MIDI CC 20 in VEP, which shows up as "Unnamed" in PT.

    Thanks again!

  • Bump please.

  • 1. These are automation parameters available in your host (VST, RTAS or AU automation parameters). By assigning one of these parameters, you can automate VEPro5 by using your host sequencers parameter automation facilities.

    2. Sorry, I don't know if that is possible.