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  • Advice on set up

    Hello, I've been using VE Pro for some time and I have a TV show me and my partner got hired to score and I would like to see if anyone could give me advice on running my system to it's full potencial. I'm using a 2 Mac Pros, one is a 2009 2.93Ghz 8 core with a 4 TB internal Raid, 12 gigs of ram.I'm running ProTools 8 HD4 and Logic 9.1.1(making plans to switch to Snow Leopard and upgrading PT 9). I have another Mac Pro, 2.26Ghz 8 core w/24Gig RAM,x 4 ITB drives(no raid) that I'm using as a slave with VE Pro. I'm also using a PC with 2.49 6 core and 8 RAM as the 2nd slave. I know I should use the 2,93 8 core for the slave since it has a 4TB raid system and is by far the most powerful computer I have. As far as libraries I have the VSL cube, Hollywood Strings, EW Symphonic Orchestra Platinum plus,Omnisphere,Trillian,RMX, Storm drums 2, Symphobia 1 & 2 and a bunch of Kontakt stuff like Morphestra,etc. What would be the best way to use the system to get the most out of it? I use Logic Pro to score and Pro Tools to mix. Any advice would be apprciated! Thanks

  • Anybody?Maybe I should've been more specific.I've been doing light scoring for some time,but I'm getting an opportunity to score for a network show which will iinvolve a much bigger Template. I've been using mostly Vienna Cube, but in this job I'll be runnnig East West stuff (stated above) and I want to know what to anticipate using Play with VE Pro.I'm using my Mac Pro 2.93 8 core w/24 gig RAM, 4 TB raid as a server and also to run ProTools 9 HD 4 for mixing and I use Logic 9.1 on the Mac Pro 2.26 while scoring and the PC stricktly as a server.Iwas just hoping if anyone would give me and idea on a better way to run it. I purchased to WD Velociraptor 600 gig drives for the PC since I only have a 1 TB drive inside. Thanks