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  • Vienna Appassionata Strings not working after level 2 demo ran out

    Vienna Appassionata Strings not working after level 2(extended library) demo ran out (180 starts). I have Vienna Ensemble Pro with Epic Orchestra and Appassionata Strings II. Evidently Appassionata Strings were not registered but Epic Orchestra was registered on the VSL website. This must be why Epic Orchestra still functions. I registered Appassionata Strings succesfully but it still does not appear in Vienna Ensemble Pro (No Patch or Preset). Epic orchestra does have a patch. How do I get Appassionata Strings back as a Preset and Patch in Vienna Ensemble Pro? Thanks Kevin Pike Vienna Ensemble Pro v 4.4.8861 Windows XP SP2 Pro Tools 8.01

  • Hi Kevin, 

    I checked your registration, I could find Appassionata Strings II Standard Library registered (the muted version). You have also downloaded the license that contains all 3(!!) VE PRO licenses and your Epic Orchestra. 

    Everything looks fine from our side. 

    Please send some screenshots to , so that we can find out what´s going on. 

    Meanwhile, I have also sent you a demo license for Appassionata Strings II Extended Library, so that you can evaluate a purchase. 

    These demo licenses work for 30 days/30 starts. 

    Once the 30 starts are used up, you can recharge them as often as you like by clicking "Maintenance" in the eLicenser Control Center (within 30 days). 



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL